My experience with blog making

At first, it was very confusing for me to create and customize my own blog website and at times i felt lost during the practice in class. However, it was not that complicated. Learning to use something for the first time is usually confusing in the beginning, but with practice and repetition it gets easier. I absolutely enjoyed creating my blog and it took me around three days to get used to it. Looking forward to sharing more posts on it. 


Author: Dalal Almarzoug

I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of Mass Communication minoring Philosophy in 2017. Always looking forward to learning new things related to media and news around the world.

One thought on “My experience with blog making”

  1. Good effort overall
    Your blog looks good for the most part
    Do not forget to use categories.
    Also, when writing, you do not use full stops or periods to starts new sentences. Make sure you use a period instead of a comma.

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