Athoob Alshuaibi & documentary photography

Last Wednesday, I had the honor to attend a lecture hosted by one of the best documentary photographers in Kuwait, Athoob Alshuaibi. It was wonderful hearing her stories and how she was inspired by her mother who used to document photos of the family before she passed away. Leaving a heavy legacy of family photos was the reason Alshuaibi was passionate about photography which made her take her Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University . “I discovered this one thing during my studies, there is only one purpose to all types of photography which is delivering a message to the audience and then alter their behavior.” She said.

Alshuaibi gave us valuable tips on street photography such as wearing the suitable clothes for the suitable location and building a relation with the person/people before we capture them with the consideration of being much patient with that. She also added: “the key to a good photo-story is brainstorming.” Collecting good amount of ideas and informations before starting the job includes going to the location for the first time without a camera and that personally something i will consider in the future.

According to what she addressed, documentary photography is a risky world and It might actually extinct as people nowadays are able to realize the fact that they are being captured and their photos might be shared on the internet, so respecting people and their privacy should always be a priority for the photographer especially when it comes to sensitive moments because we should never take advantage of someone else’s feelings for the sake of photos.

Athoob Alshuaibi showing some of her work.

Author: Dalal Almarzoug

I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of Mass Communication minoring Philosophy in 2017. Always looking forward to learning new things related to media and news around the world.

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