Kuwaiti Paralympic World Champs

One of the things I love about my major is the opportunities obtained through it to meet incredible people I never thought I’d ever talk to. I went to the Kuwaiti Disabled Sports Club based in Hawalli and had the pleasure knowing and talking with Ahmed Khaleel Alshatti, a  Stoke Mandeville and Rio medal winner in gymnastics and currently a co-coach for the disabled committee in the club. He had been playing different kinds of sports like wheelchair basketball, racing, half marathon and swimming since 1979 but at age 47, he thought It was better to move his direction to coaching basketball as It’s his favorite sport.

Alshatti proudly said that he is a father of 8 sons and a grandfather of 2 lovely granddaughters and that living his whole life on a wheelchair due to paraplegia was and will never be a barrier for him to live a normal happy life. He also said that his role in the club does not only consist in coaching but also being a brother to the rest of the disabled family. This was actually true as when I was taking a tour inside the club with him, everyone was passing greetings and chats with him. It was very motivating to see how  everyone was extremely happy inside sharing laughter and jokes and It made me think how many of us, the able-bodied people, sometimes are pathetically whining over silly matters in life…  He also added: “Playing is part of our healing process.”

Atmosphere wide, I was amazed by the facilities provided in the club as it has more than 6 sport halls, a 25 meter swimming pool, a racetrack, a gun shooting arena, a painting area and much more. I enjoyed this experience a lot and I can’t describe how much inspired and motivated I was after I left. Alshatti is one of the people I will always remember for his kindness, high spirit and love for life. He and the rest of the players are certainly a pride to Kuwait.


Author: Dalal Almarzoug

I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of Mass Communication minoring Philosophy in 2017. Always looking forward to learning new things related to media and news around the world.

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