Mandy Harvey – Talent & Motivation

While I was looking through Great Big Story‘s youtube channel, I came across this video of a beautiful talented young woman named Mandy Harvey. Mandy is an award winning singer-songwriter. She was majored in vocal music at Colorado State University before losing her hearing at age 18 and leaving the program. The connective tissue disorder that effected her nerves and thus caused her losing the ability to hear never stopped her from practicing what she loves to do, letting the world hear her voice. She sings by feeling vibrations in the floor, and by using the muscle memory of her vocal cords to sing notes.

As someone who is interested in music and singing, I started to search her albums on iTunes, and I have to say that I really admired her pure silky voice especially after knowing that she sings jazz, which is my favorite music genre of all time! I always admire people who never give up on their dreams. I believe that having a disability is never a reason to lose hope.. Losing hope IS the disability. 

When it comes to the video structure, I loved the transitions between A-roll and B-roll as well as the different places and angles that were taken in action. However, I have a small observation, I found the title of the video was misleading because “Singing Without Sound” gives the impression of someone singing without having the ability to speak out words.. and that’s what i thought before I watch the video.



Author: Dalal Almarzoug

I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of Mass Communication minoring Philosophy in 2017. Always looking forward to learning new things related to media and news around the world.

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