We’ve Made It!

Great things happen once you step out of your comfort zone. I think this line sums up what I’ve learnt this semester in general, and in the multimedia class in particular. I would like to express my thoughts and feelings in this post with the utmost candor and sincerity. This class, without any exaggeration, has changed my life. To me, it was more than just a class that teaches academic skills. It was more of a personal development kind of class. Iv’e become more productive. It taught me to go out and know the unknown. It taught me to be more social. I’ve dealt with so many students, the good and the bad, I learnt from both. It taught me to talk to strangers when I had to and that helped breaking the shyness barrier. Finally, it taught me to think big. Each assignment made me strive to work harder for the next one, I learnt from each mistake I did and I’m happy for those mistakes.

I think I’m supposed to talk about the hardships but I won’t. I mean, I took 6 subjects in which 3 of them were practical. I thought at first I wouldn’t make it, but I told myself that real personal growth is achieved when you take risks, and indeed, I managed to work equally for all of them. It was REALLY HARD, but hard work pays off and the amount of effort expended to reach a goal determines what is achieved. I’m glad for the experience earned in this class. 

Big thanks to the person behind that, Dr. Eisa Alnashmi. You’ve been patient with us and your instructions are a long term benefit. Your efforts are appreciated and you successfully made a great impact on my learning experience. Thank you, it was so much fun being in your class. 



Author: Dalal Almarzoug

I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of Mass Communication minoring Philosophy in 2017. Always looking forward to learning new things related to media and news around the world.

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