About me

I am Dalal Almarzoug, currently in my last year in Kuwait University doing the bachelor of Public Relations & Advertising. At first, I wasn’t sure if this field was made for me as i had other interests, but once i started to learn more about it I began to love it..especially after i took subjects like news editing and PR campaign management. After that i started to have bigger aspires so I’m looking forward to continuing my study journey abroad next year inshallah to pursue the dream of educating the next generation. 

Experiences: Here is my humble experience from what i learnt the past three years. I am familiar with softwares like iMovie and Audacity. I have done interviews before with famous charecters in the society such as Abdullah Boftain and Khalid Alabdulghafur. Also, I recently did a short case study on “Effects of Instagram advertisements on women’s consuming behavior”. Finally, I have a quite good amount of knowledge in making media campaigns and writing news articles.  

Hobbies & Interests: Outside the academic framework, I am a pianist. I have been playing this lovely instrument since age 6 and It’s one of my biggest passions in life that i will never ever give up. I used to perform on stages and also at some hotels in Kuwait..but i quitted that to focus on my studies. I love everything to do with arts & music and I find peace within myself when i read motivational books. Also, I am interested in philosophy as it’s my minor…honestly, there’s much more. 

My piano