50 years of giving

Happy 50th anniversary to Kuwait University. I am proud to be a part of this family and soon a proud graduate. Congrats on many years of much success! 



Audio Story: A Call To Prayer

For this assignment, we were asked to create an audio story as a group of two. I chose to work with my classmate Nashmia Al-Mutairi who was very helpful and patient with me. The concept of the audio story that Dr. Eisa had charged us with was titled as “job”. I was very enthusiastic to work on this project and ideas started to pop up in my head. Despite that fact, little did i realize that obstacles might occur on the way. Continue reading “Audio Story: A Call To Prayer”

Photography & Photoshop

Last week, Dr. Eisa taught us the basics of photography and photoshopping. His first tip for us was to know our camera and to know how and when to use the different camera modes. The following class we learnt how to edit our photos through photoshop using different tools like cropping and selecting certain parts of a picture. Then, using image adjustments like brightness levels, white balance, curves, and vibrance to modify it. I took the chance over the weekend and grabbed my camera with me to capture whatever catches my eyes. I went to a bazaar that was held in Murooj and I found this lovely little business called eternal life shop that is specialized in handmade dreamcatchers. I couldn’t keep my sight away of the beauty of their colors and it was so delightful to look at them. I captured these photos and enhanced the colors and contrast using photoshop. The last photo of the masks was from a different shop but i thought they match with the overall colorful vibes of the other photos.






The Internet of Things (IoT)

What if I say, you can exactly know what’s in you refrigerator right from your mobile without moving an inch. Sounds crazy right? Today, we live in a world where gadgets control our lives. Matter fact, decide what we do. As we know there are three major technology revolutions that have occurred during the modern era, which are the internet that eased the process of sharing and receiving informations, social media and applications which thus helped us communicate better and finally the internet of things revolution.

The IoT is basically connecting your smart phone with almost everything around you via smart protocols and special sensors. Hence, having control of the objects around you without having to be close to them whether It’s your fridge, door locks, car, or even your bathroom’s shower head. Not only that, those sensors will be able to predict what you want before you even command them!

I came across this topic through a radio broadcast I was listening to few days ago and It concerns me as a media student. So I’ve been thinking, should we fear new technology? Will it be a threat to our lives? I personally answer with a yes because regardless of our tendency to go for quicker solutions, I wouldn’t want a life where everything is ready done for me or take decisions on behalf of me.  (Well,… I wouldn’t mind that after a long day at college though.) 


Watch this video for more informations:

A seminar at Kuniv

Today, I had the pleasure attending a seminar presented by two award-winning directors from the American Films Showcase  program, Tim Skousen and Kohl Glass, who came all the way from the United States to Kuwait University. It was a great opportunity having such valued characters to share their experience in commercial production and filmmaking. As someone who’s interested in advertising, I enjoyed their talk about the way commercials and advertisings function in today’s modern world. Here are a few words said by Skousen: “As you go on in the professional levels, you will do the same thing in that professional world, but you will always lean on the early opportunities that you have together.”


My experience with blog making

At first, it was very confusing for me to create and customize my own blog website and at times i felt lost during the practice in class. However, it was not that complicated. Learning to use something for the first time is usually confusing in the beginning, but with practice and repetition it gets easier. I absolutely enjoyed creating my blog and it took me around three days to get used to it. Looking forward to sharing more posts on it.