Final Project Update #2 – Fun outdoors with macaws

Just like kids, macaws are social and they love playing around people. Hence, It’s important for them to have outdoor activities. My group and I decided to attend a show for macaws that was held yesterday at the Defense Camp located in Sabhan, and we are so lucky as it was a great chance to capture more photos and videos for our final project. Honestly, this was the only time i felt like i had to literally capture every little detail..(more than 200 files…RIP my camera memory card.) and at the same time I was having a great time, It didn’t feel like it was an assignment requirement at all. I can’t describe how amazing everything was extremely happy with the beauty of colorful macaws.

At the camp, It was nice seeing Osama Mandani and his lovely macaws again, and you will see in the upcoming video his great techniques of holding and communicating with them. Also, we had the pleasure meeting the rest of the macaw hobbyists including the creator of the group Hussain Mandani, Osama’s elder brother, who talked with us about his establishment of this idea. We also got to know more about this group which is called Hewaya Tejma3na. We even interviewed some of them, and once they knew our purpose of the interview they got super excited to share their knowledge. They were very supportive and they insisted to see everything after we are done editing! The interesting fact is that some of the members are females which was impressive for me to know that girls can have such unique passion for taking care of macaw birds. Stay tuned for the final result of this assignment.

Mandani brothers and a smiling pose for the camera
Hewaya Tejma3na team between the happy audience

Photography & Photoshop

Last week, Dr. Eisa taught us the basics of photography and photoshopping. His first tip for us was to know our camera and to know how and when to use the different camera modes. The following class we learnt how to edit our photos through photoshop using different tools like cropping and selecting certain parts of a picture. Then, using image adjustments like brightness levels, white balance, curves, and vibrance to modify it. I took the chance over the weekend and grabbed my camera with me to capture whatever catches my eyes. I went to a bazaar that was held in Murooj and I found this lovely little business called eternal life shop that is specialized in handmade dreamcatchers. I couldn’t keep my sight away of the beauty of their colors and it was so delightful to look at them. I captured these photos and enhanced the colors and contrast using photoshop. The last photo of the masks was from a different shop but i thought they match with the overall colorful vibes of the other photos.