Kuwait University in Virtual Reality

Last week, we learnt to use this really cool mobile application called Google Street View which lets you take panoramic photos of landscapes. Nothing’s better than viewing a spot or a location in a 360 mode, It makes it more lively and realistic than a still photo. 

So what we decided to do is show our lovely university to the whole world using this great application. The whole class was split into groups and each group took a panoramic view of the colleges of Kuwait University

Here is the Campus of The College of Science in AL-Khaldiya taken by me.

Check out our other colleges in virtual reality done by my classmates in this link. They’re awesome! 



Athoob Alshuaibi & documentary photography

Last Wednesday, I had the honor to attend a lecture hosted by one of the best documentary photographers in Kuwait, Athoob Alshuaibi. It was wonderful hearing her stories and how she was inspired by her mother who used to document photos of the family before she passed away. Leaving a heavy legacy of family photos was the reason Alshuaibi was passionate about photography which made her take her Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University . “I discovered this one thing during my studies, there is only one purpose to all types of photography which is delivering a message to the audience and then alter their behavior.” She said. Continue reading “Athoob Alshuaibi & documentary photography”