Final Project Update #3

This time, we wanted to explore where macaws are being traded to add more information to our project. At Al-rai area, there are several markets where bird lovers can buy and sell birds, and also purchase their important supplies (food, toys, equipments..etc). So my group and I went there yesterday and had the chance to get to know Osama’s shop, Rare Birds, where he trade his macaws. 

@rare.birds shop logo

When we headed there, many hobbyists were gathered around a small macaw garden, which you can see in the picture below. Again, It was super loud with the noises as there were around 5 shops in the area and each shop contained more than 15 different kinds of macaws inside. (More infos in the final post!) 

It was a very lovely atmosphere, people were enjoying and macaws were also enjoying especially cause It’s winter and they love the chilly weather. They were dancing, screaming ..everything! and we FINALLY got to shoot videos of them talking! I realized they literally understand like humans. One of them kept saying my name. Well, It was more like Lalal but yeah… good try. I was so excited that the camera went out of focus. 😀 

Also, we had a great time knowing and talking with new bird hobbyists and they all have such great vibes, very energetic and lovable. Speaking of energy, I can’t thank Osama enough for being the most helpful and down to earth man. He was very patient with us and he were such a good guide in video shooting as he has experience in that too. Btw, since his shop has an offer every Wednesday of this January, he sold one bird there yesterday to some guy. I Guess we sent him some lucky charms. 😛  



Dave Isay – StoryCorps

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is watching TED Talks, which is a great source of education and getting inspired by speakers with experience or stories. I came across this video few days ago which I can relate to what I’m learning in the multimedia class this semester.

As we know, in journalism, An interview is one of the most important tools to obtain information, expand on informations that we already have or to see things from different perspectives. 

This speech focuses on the important value that an interview serves, not only for journalistic uses, but also for building personal connections. The radio producer, Dave Isay, reveals this by saying that the simple act of being interviewed can mean so much to people, particularly to those who’ve been told that their stories didn’t matter. In 2003, Isay had this crazy idea of launching a booth where two individuals can sit and talk to each other as if it was the last conversation they would ever have while being recorded. At the end of the interview these two people can get a copy of the audio so that It could be passed to the next generation. He called it the StoryCorps. Today, StoryCorps is known as a non-profit organization for sharing humanity’s stories and teaching the value of listening to build connections between the Americans through oral recordings. Today, also, StoryCorps has an application to ease the process of sharing audio files and let the world hear your story. Click here to download.

I find it very beautiful how when you hear a StoryCorp audio, you must feel something, It can either make you laugh, cry, smile, or connected to the person somehow. Some examples are shown in this video below. My favorite one is the interview between Joshua Littman and his mother, Sarah.. Very touching but funny at the same time. Click here for direct access to the audio.